Friday, November 09, 2007

I have eaten way too many sweets!

My friend's daughter got married and the bride wanted my girls to be bridesmaids. They all wore specially made pink satin dresses and they all looked lovely! They've been planning this for months and it all turned out just perfect. Of course I took lots of pictures and the girls all said 'Don't blog us!' but I couldn't resist this picture of Jenna sitting at the bride's feet. She looked so cute!

After the bride's party I went with the bride (at her request) to the groom's house. She said ' Oh please Aunt Teri you've gotta come with me.' So off we went, following the bride's car... Beep! Beep! Beep! all the way there.

They had the most awesome wedding cake! Covered in marzipan and filled with chocolate and hazelnuts. The bride found it on the internet and had it made here. Yummmmmmy!

Tonight is the last night - The Mahdar. I'm tired but I'll go. Gotta be there for 'my niece'.


  1. Salam
    mashaAllah your daughter she is pretty girl

    fe aman Allah

  2. Hi, Jenna looks a real angel which is really nice (even if it's only for the wedding!)(Only joking, sure Jenna is always an angel)Enjoy the sweets and to .... with it!

  3. Jenna is an angel. But where's the rest? it's not fair not to add pictures of the rest them. I insist. Please ...

  4. Awww... khadija always surprise us with amazing news.. u r our correspondent from libya, u just made me remember the atmospher of wedding in back home, Jenna looks cute but where is the rest!! : )
    unfair this is cruelness for the rest : ) where is the equal opportunities?

  5. Yes, we want more! We want more! and they are so very beautiful. Sandi

  6. salam
    Jenna looks realy gorgeous so sweet, iam sure she did enjoy every second of the wedding, she must made u so proud, and the pride to,it looks a very well planned u did enjoy the sound of the cars blowing their horns,thatrs a libyan thing .


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