Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nearly time for final exams...

It's nearly final exam time for the kids. This is the time of year that I hate - the final push to the end of the school year.

Are the kids studying? Right now... at this very moment? No. Of course not!

Nora is on the phone talking to one of her friends - it's been a marathon conversation that I've been eavesdropping on. What are they discussing... nothing.

Sara, Yusef and Jenna are planted in front of the television. MBC2 has something mesmerizing on. Before that they were watching cartoons and before that it was playstation 2.

Adam, who is in the final year of high school, has done nothing but listen to music and pick fights with his siblings all evening.

Ibrahim has been flyinjg around, full speed ahead. He's been up to his usual tricks; taking the broom and running through the house beating things with the stick part, playing in the sugar bowl, water games in the bathroom and terrorizing the cat.

I've decided that I'm not going to interfere with their refusal to sit down and study. If they want to fail school it's their problem. They can spend next year in the same level if they don't pass... sigh....

I'm going to try to get through their exams without shouting, yelling or getting upset.... for some reason I don't think I will be able to pull that off.


  1. Wow at the end I'm good with my studies because no one of my parents was upset from me.I was spending my time to listen the music and watching TV but after 9 PM I start to study alone

  2. hehehehe bless you Khadijateri ma'am... wish you all the 'sabr' in the world in these hard times :D

  3. Don´t worry, I´m sure your kids will turn out good.

    After all, Bill Gates dropped out of school, and look at him now!

  4. If I were u, I wouldn't when my parents told me to go study I felt very insulted and said it's my business whether I want to study or alhamduliallah I never failed but again I learned from my mistakes, so good luck to all of them, including u :o)


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