Friday, April 27, 2007

No Open Source Laptops in Libya This Year

This is a picture of Nigerian children booting up their open source laptops (cnet - It was supposed to be happening this year in Libya too but it didn't ... what happened??? We were looking forward to it... promises, promises... sigh...


  1. Khad that will be done by the end of August 2008

  2. surprise surprise!!

    I wonder if Libya paid for the Nigerian laptops!!

  3. why am I not surprised!!?! OH this is libya.....the country of unkept promises!!

  4. I'm not surprise...!
    lies , lies , lies , lies
    as always ..!
    I'm sick of this damn government

  5. lol beshwayya ya S.Ahmed weve been sick for so long its life.

    anyway.. heres a new article by reuters explaining the delay:

    "Gaddafi deals blow to laptop initiative
    April 30th, 2007, filed by Jim Finkle

    Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has dealt a blow to the One Laptop Per Child Foundation’s efforts to begin mass production of millions of notebook computers for poor children in developing countries around the globe.

    Last year, as formal ties between the United States and Libya were restored, OLPC Foundation founder Nicholas Negroponte announced that Gaddafi had ordered 1.2 million of the devices, making him the non-profit group’s first major customer.

    Last week Nicholas Negroponte told Reuters in an exclusive interview that the Gaddafi Foundation had cut its order for the inexpensive laptops by 700,000 units to 500,000, possibly delaying the launch altogether."

    read more here:

  6. Who wants to watch Sopranos on TV when we have the real ones in Libya, the laptop project just another daylight robbery.

  7. Laptop schooling in Niger? You're KIDDING me!!!


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