Saturday, April 07, 2007

Busy Saturday

Today's been a day of running here, there and everywhere. First thing was getting my hair trimmed. Now I feel human again. After that it was a run and a dash to the vegetable market, supermarket and computer store. Got home and cooked lunch and then packed the girls in the car and took them to the International Fair. We met my friend Tara there out in front at the fountain and went in together.

This year the fair is boring. They're selling basically the same stuff as they were selling last year. One thing that was weird was that I didn't find any African countries except for the north African ones. Maybe I just wasn't looking in the right places or something.

Last year I missed out on the American pavilion because it was closed when I went. So this year I wanted to see it. We got there and a guy was standing in front of the door. He said it was closed. 'What? Why's it closed?' He said it would open at five o'clock. 'OK. So, do you speak English?' our conversation so far had been in Arabic. 'No English.' he replied. 'How come your working for the American pavilion and you don't speak English?' I wanted to know. Nora said 'Mom! leave the poor guy alone. Stop giving him a hard time.' hmm... 'Subhanallah!' I said, and the guy started laughing 'Now those are some strong words!' he said.

We went off and looked some more around the fair. It was kind of depressing. Tara had a few shopping moments (she didn't go to the fair last year) but other than that it was pretty dull. We went back to the American pavilion after five. When we got there it was still closed, with that same pitiful looking guy guarding the door. 'I'm very upset with you.' I told him. 'First you don't speak English and now you can't tell the time either. Look at my watch.' I said, holding out my wrist. 'What time is it?' he replied 'Five fifteen.'  'You see! I was right!' I said 'You cannot tell time! It's not five fifteen it's ten after five. So what is this supposed to mean? Sigh... No English, can't tell the time... or maybe your just lying about the pavilion opening.' He just laughed and said 'No it's gonna open. It is.'

Later on we did finally get to see the American pavilion. It was dead boring. Actually the whole thing was a waste of time. So take my advice - save the quarter that it cost you to get in there to buy bread or something useful.


  1. Why are you SO surprised with the poor showing at the fair ? Nothing interesting there ... ever ! Last time there was some real merchandise for sale was in 1978 !I think only the OUT OF TOWNERS go to the fair .It must be a WOW factor for them .

  2. well, well, you could have cut him some slack and let him be!!.... plus u shouldnt be surprised when u find the wrong person doing the job in Libya!!
    but i spend sometime in libya and i never really heard of these events!!
    r u part of a group or a community?!

  3. lol ok, now for sure I don't wanna go check it cuz I heard it was crappy. Althought da USLO were saying they'r bringing a band "NativeDeen" never heard anything after that, if they come I so wanna go

  4. You are a firecracker!!
    And a brave one at that!!

    Sounds like the Tripoli Fair hasn't changed much. People go because they HOPE there will be something new and interesting. Texas state fair is the same way. Same old same old. *sigh*


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