Monday, April 30, 2007


Yesterday I was on my way up the stairs to my apartment when my husband's nephew called out to me and said his mom wanted to talk to me. Since my sister in law and I normally avoid each other it could mean either one of two things... (1) someone in the family died and she needed to tell me about it, or (2) something from my apartment was leaking into hers.

It turned out to be a leak. Something in my kitchen. From the looks of it the main drainpipe going from under the kitchen sink, had sprung a leak.

I went upstairs and informed my husband. First he said 'She's imagining the leak.' - the denial phase. Then he decided that we'd just shut off the water in the kitchen and wash dishes in the bathroom from now on. ... Since I no longer wash dishes (that's the girl's job now) the girls were none too pleased. Now dear husband has decided he is a plumber.... sigh... he will get into his DIY mode and attack the problem himself.

Hopefully soon he will give up and hire a plumber. In the meantime I am doing my best to control my temper because if I lose it there will be more than just a leaky pipe to deal with... there will be a man in my house with a LEAK IN HIS BLOODY HEAD!!!!!!!



    That is sooo like my dad xD

    stop him quick before the leak becomes a gush!

  2. hey teri maybe you can have a swimming pool in the lower levels of the apt. building... that would be fun for all the kids... hugs holly and the kids

  3. lol Holly that will very helpful to Khadijateri.

  4. I swear, you married Dad!

    Holly, Who needs a pool, when there is a perfectly good water tank at the farm!

  5. lol....I dont understand why the in-laws never get along!!!!

  6. You don´t do the dishes anymore?

  7. Thank goodness the sister in law is from HIS family!!

  8. I so hate it when men think they can fix EVERYTHING on their own!!


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