Friday, November 10, 2006

Enough Complaining!

Ok.... people have been complaining that I've not posted in a while. It's not so much that I've been busy (I'm always busy) it's just that life's been pretty dull these days. Just work and a few social visits on my schedule for the past week.

The new neighbour upstairs is still renovating. I've had two weeks of pounding and banging above my head. My husband had a word with the guy and said 'Enough is enough - we need a day off!". So today the only noise has been what's normally created by my children (and that's really noisy). Tomorrow the binging and banging will begin again - at 8 in the morning. They stop for about a half an hour for lunch and then continue until sunset. I'm so happy to walk out the door and go to work in the afternoon - six hours of normal noise. Going to work is probably the only thing that's kept me sane.

Otherwise the only thing I've been doing is some de-cluttering in the house. Every November I sort through drawers and cabinets, throwing out all kinds of junk or relocating it. I've also been taking out the winter clothes.

Ibrahim asked me where his winter clothes were and I sent the kids into the storage room to look for them. They couldn't find them and after a while I remembered I threw out all his heavy clothes last spring. He's so hard on his clothes that they looked awful and not worth saving. Next week I'll have to take him shopping for some new stuff. Now that should be a post to look out for!


  1. Hi Khadija, and hope you and your family are keeping well.

    I don’t know why I am writing this ( I believe this is my first message on your wonderful blog though my first visit was, possibly, 2 or more years ago ). Writing in general, and particularly on blogs is still giving me some puzzles that need solving, really. The most difficult question that I face every time I want to write something, I ask myself: why do I write, and why should others read it? I mean writing is an activity and I’d like to know why I do write, or why do I need to write in the first place?
    I must admit I write often, sometimes several hours per day, other times I may not touch the ‘pen’ for a week. So answering my own question why I write, I guess I feel better once I emptied the ‘garbage’ from my chest, but I write for myself, ie no one reads it except me.

    The other question – and this is the hard bit – I ask:- why do I assume that there are those ‘readers’ who would read my ‘garbage’, why? Where has that assumption come from? I mean, I often say:- Are there so many idiots, like me, waiting to see my ‘garbage’? And then I ask: Do I really want to associate myself with people like me, those who got nothing New to say?

    I honestly have no idea.

    What’s new, perhaps, the last 24 hours were pretty uncomfortable and – wait for this – there is a chance, a tiny chance, I may start feeling better once I see this message posted on your blog.

    Make sense?

    I hope so.

    Have a wonder day.
    ( & thanks for the space you give to total strangers )

    The Coffee man

  2. I forgot to ask: could I publish a picture, a painting as a matter of fact?
    The coffee man, again

  3. Coffee man - people blog for different reasons. My blog started out as a way for my friends and family back 'home' to keep up with my news. I felt posting to a blog was easier than send ing out all kinds of emails. Well, the blog evolved over time and has turned into something quite different.

    Lots of blogs are about nothing... or what appears to be nothing to everyone but the owner. In the end it's a way to get things off your chest, a kind of therapy. Who really cares if anyone reads it, but if someone reads it and in some way it helps them then maybe it will have served some service or purpose.

    So, start a blog mr coffee man, or at least comment on them. It's fun!

    You can post links to pictures... but please, no porno. I don't remove ugly comments from commenters like Angry Libyan American (he usues the most filthy language! and has the ugliest of opinions!). His comments I leave so people can see what kinds of fools there are in this world - but if you post a link to porno I will definitely trash it.

  4. Just to add a P.S. to what KhadijaTeri said, I love reading her blog because it helps me understand what day to day life is like in Tripoli, Libya. I am learning that Tripoli is like here. We run into nuts that make us crazy, folks that make us cry, folks that make us smile, folks that make us laugh hysterically and the list goes on and on. KhadijaTeri web site has taught me that we all have bumps in the road and being able to site down and write about it makes it possible to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start each day a new. Thanks KhadijaTeri !!
    Sounds like a song!

  5. Thanks Chatalaine.... who will sing the song?... Carrie Underwood maybe?

  6. Thanks Khadija and Chatalaine. Nice meeting you by the way.

    I think I understand what this blog is about, and I also think it is a clever idea of communication where all ‘chat’ is on one place ( in my experience with e-mails you need to search for who said what and when, this way is much better and more ‘efficient’ – could I use that word, I wonder? – a joke.

    Going back to what you said Khadija,
    “Lots of blogs are about nothing... or what appears to be nothing to everyone but the owner.” I couldn’t have put it better Khadija. What puts me off – incidentally, so many things in life do – is when I see some blog ( or even website) and you often see ‘me’ or ‘mine’ or ‘i was’ or ‘ I know’ ,, you know what I mean, Mr Know it all ?

    I love seeing modesty, but when I see ‘Mr Know it all’, that is pain in the ,,, - again, it must be my fault

    “ …..So, start a blog mr coffee man, or at least comment on them. It's fun!”, thanks for those kind and encouraging words. I think I’ll start commenting and if I feel I could handle the occasional headache, then who knows?
    You know by now Khadija that I am one of your uninvited guests – I find your space nice, warm, down to earth, fascinating and more real than many, thanks a lot.

    “You can post links to pictures”, ok thanks.

    the coffee man

  7. Picture,

    the old city, water-colour painting, 30 cm x 20 cm, early 90’s

    ( if pic isn’t clear plz remove message – thanks )

    the coffee man

  8. Youre right Khadijah. This is the best way for people to know how you are doing. For me it is a release too. I can open up and yell if I want about a situation and in reading comments know that I am not alone in my feelings. Life in another country can be scary and lonely. There may be hundreds of other ladies near by but few with an understanding of how we are feeling. We are alone in a new place. Language and culture even if we study it is still new. Now I understand more how my students here in the USA felt coing here from their homes. Alone and without the comforts of home. How their lives are changed hopefully for the better when they view the world through anothers eyes. The internet is a wonderful tool. It gives us privacy, yet allowes us to share our feelings with the world. I participate in a online religion forum and it can be harsh there, but it allows me to learn from others in the safety of my home. Write a blog, who nows one day a book can emerge. Writing is being lost in the world of electronics. Where are the writers of our future?
    And as a side note I hope the guy upstairs finishes soon. I had the city put in a new irrigation system just before my daughter was born one night they left a pump going and we called the police and told them to turn it off or we would. They had forgotten to and sent someone right away. It took the city 6 months to finish the ditch just behind my home. Tractors and trucks daily from 7am to 7pm. The men ate under the tree behind my house. But now we get ducks and wildlife instead of mosquitos!! So it was worth it...

  9. This is the coffee man in disguise,, scanned the pic, posted the link, etc etc, nothing worked – I am not surprised.
    Try this:- click on my name, then ,, good luck anyway
    ( Khadija, do me this favour please: delete / remove anything that doesn’t look right )

    thanks again

    the coffee man

  10. Assalamualaikum sister.
    Your blog is nice and soothing masha Allah and the pics of Libya are lovely except the ones with garbage on the beach. At first, I wanted to comment I know how it feels when somebody renovates during Ramadan/Eid as I had a neighbour do a major renovation work before. Well now, I dont wanna remind myself how bad the noise was.
    Looking at the progress of this discussion here. I like to add that I started to blog so that I could comment on other people's blogs but after I got a blog account,I found it userfriendly and easy to create a blog so I did. :)


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