Thursday, November 23, 2006


Today's Thanksgiving... I am here in Libya where today is like any other... I'll go to work, as usual.

It's not only Thanksgiving today, it's also Jenna's birthday today too. She wants a 'Fulla' jump rope - one that has a counter that will tell her how many jumps she's jumped. I'll have to go get her one, but she'll have to wait to use it until after she finishes her exams, otherwise she will forget all about studying on her quest for reaching a zillion jumps.

The banging upstairs continues... I'm really getting disgusted with the non-stop noise. I get a break when I go to work but tomorrow starts the weekend and I'll be stuck listening to it for the duration. Yesterday, while taking a shower they were above my head banging away. I heard a huge crash of what sounded like the idiot workers dropping the bathtub. I thought for sure it would come crashing through the ceiling and I imagined rescue workers would be pulling me out of the rubble, dead, naked and wet. It's a wonder I didn't suffer a heart attack!

No turkey for us, at least not this week. There's a wedding in the family and I'll have to go and eat Libyan food while listening to yet more noise. sigh....

Have a happy Thanksgiving for all who celebrate it.


  1. Happy Thanks Giving to you & all Americans and a Hppay Birthday wishes to Jenna.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Khadija even though you didn't celebrate it , it's nice to hear and here's wishing Jenna a Happy Birthday .

    I hope the banging will be over soon , so you'll have some peace and quiet.
    Take care

  3. Happy thanxgiving to you...great American tradition, though I love the Family Addams version of the pilgrim and Indian story better than the official one.

    Noisy neighbor.....well while you´re out to the wedding, why not play them a nice over-and-over-version of your miserable Cat Stevens CD, turn up the speakers and let him listen while you´re away - and be sure to stay out until morning come.

  4. Thanks giving is my favorite holiday in America, it is that time when you feel close to everyone.
    Turkey, mash potato with gravy, stuffing etc.
    sufficiently suffunsifying hey!
    You need a break from Libya Teri.
    Happy Holidays you all.

  5. You got a chuckle out of me. At least your day is being spent with family..tell Jenna happy birthday and I sure wish I could send her something. I will have to remeber your kids when i come again. Have a happy day anyways.

  6. Happy thanksgiving! i'm going to my sister's house with my mother and sisters & family...its a great holiday for family to get together...although my husband and family won't be joining (long story) year we had a contest on who makes the best enchiladas, because one of my sisters said that she made the best after our mothers...and i said, no i make the best and it went on and, we decided to "bring it on" and bring a plate each of enchiladas and the children would sisters said you'll win, you have more kids and i said they have no loyalty to me when it comes to mother won and i was a close second...we have prime rib, salsa, turkey,mashed potatoes, just to taste my mom's good cooking, etc., and all those desserts...something that is not libyan, although i love their food, its nice to eat some good old american cooking and in my case (mexican) i said happy thanksgiving to the americans in libya! this is a good and non-religious holiday!

  7. Happy Birthday to Jenna and Happy Thanksgiving Khadijateri. As for you neighbours let's hope your new house is ready soon and you will never have to worry about such noises :)

  8. Fasting will be better !

  9. happy Thanksgiving to you too, and happy birthday to Jenna

  10. Happy thanxgiving and happy Birthday jenna . wish her all the best in her life , lot's of Luv and happenies.....

  11. happy Thanksgiving to you and all Americans in Libya. and plz say "Happy birthday to Jenna".
    and about the huge crash, well that sounds like a horror movie to me!!! save yourself Khadijateri and move to your new house as soon as possible!!!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Birthday to Jenna.

    Why don't you spend the weekend at the farm or road trip? At least you'll have the peace & quiet even for awhile.

  13. Happy Birthday, Jenna. Wishing you a zillion more to come!


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