Saturday, November 25, 2006

Autumn . . .

Autumn has arrived in Libya. The leaves on the trees are slowly turning from green to brown with all the lovely shades of gold and red in between. I took a peaceful walk at the farm yesterday. The weather was perfect; cool, fresh and the skies where blue with hardly a cloud to be found.

Though the trees are losing their leaves, the grass is green again, the effect of the recent rains. The earth has lost the dusty smell it has during the summer and you can walk without getting your shoes full of loose sand.

The very first wildflowers are beginning to appear. Always the yellow flowers show up first.

The olives are ripening, some are ready to be picked. Soon we will replenish our supply of olive oil and process olives for eating.

I watched the sunset and then went home just as the owls and bats began their day.
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  1. Darn it Khadijah, I need to stop reading your blogs!! You make me so envious to be back in Libya. Here the cold has set in and the trees are bare. What kind of camera do you use? I have a digital so you never waste a photo. How are things going on your house you havent mentioned it lately?????

  2. Oh don't be jealous! it's been ages and ages since I've seen snow.... that would be a treat for me. I have a Canon Power Shot, digital of course.

    The house is going along at a slow pace. The painters are priming the walls before the paint goes on. We have found that the bathroom in the guest house needs to have the floor re-tiled as the water pools in one corner and doesn't go down the drain.... grrrr... the quality of the workers here leaves a lot to be desired.

    I did have a rather large victory though - During Ramadan my husband got the great idea to put a stone facing on the outside wall of the kitchen - he did it without asking me what I thought and when I saw it I nearly fainted. I kept my cool and didn't fight with him about it because it surely would have stayed then. So I quietly told him I thought it looked awful but since he seemed to think it was great he could keep it. Then every time after that I would look at it and heave a big sigh..... Yesterday he removed the stone and I'm getting the facing I wanted. VICTORY!!!!! YEAH!!!!

  3. LOL Khadijateri!! We sure now how to handle our men when it's necessary! You go girl!!

  4. wow, what a piece … pics , season, .. shades of gold and red.. sunset ..the owls .. bats .. olives ..wildflowers …. What am I doing here .. old momma, me too, need to stop reading this blog … another one black listed

  5. Ok deal, everytime it snows here I will post a few pics! Even though I grew up with snow loving it, now that I am older I am the one who has to shovel it!!!!I hardly get the chance to play. We're expecting 20 degrees today and snow Wednesday so my camera will be ready!

  6. I have published 4 pics of snow scenes for Khadija to see


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