Thursday, February 02, 2006

weather and more paint fumes

It's been a cold, wet and windy week and quite honestly I have enjoyed every minute of it. I really like the weather when it's rainy. This season lasts for only a short time so I always feel that I should take complete advantage of it. Some people tell me the weather makes them depressed, but for me it has the oposite effect. I feel energized and the weather also gives me all kinds of inspiration.

I am blessed in that I have a very warm home, temperature-wise that is. You can usually wear short-sleeves inside and only need a light blanket at night. I'm sure it will probably be much colder when we move to the farm.

Mustafa is still on his project to paint the house - he's finished three rooms and now he says he'll take a break before starting in on the kitchen. I could definitely use a break! That man is going to drive me crazy. He complains saying he wants us to help him but if anyone tries to help he complains that they aren't doing a good enough job. The kids have given up and are ignorring him now. He keeps insisting I stand there while he paints to keep him company, but then complains that I'm not getting any of the regular housework done.

You can imagine what my house looks like: paintcans, ladders, brushes, buckets, and all the rest, with furniture all in the wrong place and stacked everywhere. I feel like the entire house is upside down and it seems noisier than usual because we have pulled up some of the carpets. Of course, this is the time that all the people who rarely visit decide to drop in unexpectedly.

I need a vacation.

1 comment:

  1. I truely hate having the house painted.It always equates to trauma for me . The mess , the dust from the sanding the walls , the paint tracked everywhere in the house onto everythingin the house no matter how careful the painter may be .Trauma with a capital "T" !Syd


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