Saturday, February 18, 2006

Spring has arrived in Libya! We went to the farm yesterday to breathe the fresh air and look at everything green and blooming.

Sara found some flowers that we have never seen before - there was abundant rain this year so maybe we might see lots more flowers than we usually do.

This grows on the edge of our land next to the barbed wire fence. It has a very soft, delicate smell.

These are soooo tiny and were full of bees.

The cows are very happy to be out of the barn and eating all the sweet green grass. Milk at this time of year has a completely different taste.

Apricots.  Posted by Picasa


  1. Mashallah, Mashallah, Mashallah, those are very beautiful pictures of spring back home. They look so fresh and inviting, almost lookes like a fairy tale lol. Though I've never gotten use to the milk in Libya, i'm too use to the one here in Canada. Though it would be great to taste the one for spring. Good luck and take care

  2. Some new wallpapers for my PC!
    Thankyou, Khadija.

  3. What is happening in Benghazi Khadija !?

  4. What is happening in Benghazi? Good question! - Yesterday most of the students that I have that work in the hospital here in Tripoli didn't show up for class. When I asked about them I found out they were being kept on duty because the injured from Benghazi were brought here to Tripoli for treatment - so the staff was all called in to work. hmmmmm what does that mean?

  5. You have really captured the beauty of
    Spring. Well done Khadija !


  6. Is it true of what we seeing in the news about Benghazi or is it more than that !? What is about the situation in Triopli and other places !? I am a bit confused

  7. I just look at the cows - I haven't got a clue what happens to them. But I do know to keep clear of their behinds and watch my step when I'm walking in the fields. :)


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