Friday, February 24, 2006

We had one heck of a sandstorm yesterday. The day began looking as though it might rain. Then the wind picked up and it became dusty. By two thirty in the afternoon the sky turned orange. This is Yusef next to the window at 2:30.

Even with the windows closed the dust manages to get in and cover everything.

I had to go to work at three. At that time the cars were all coated with dust and it had begun drizzling - so it turned into rainy drops of dirt that covered everything.

By around 8pm things were settling down. This morning we went to the farm to see how things were doing and I took this picture of apricot blossoms. The trees and plants are coated in a layer of dirt. Now what we need is a nice rain to wash everything off, but the weather looks clear and I guesss we will have to tolarate the dirt and dust for a while. Posted by Picasa


  1. Wow! what a real mess but nice scenery. My sister and brother in law back home told me about it, but it's not the same when you see it for yourself. They live in Hai Alandalus, Gargarish and told me everything looked orange and the cars are a mess. Anyhow good luck,


  2. Typical Libya and Libyans ... The same wherever you go or come !

  3. "Typical Libya and Libyans ... The same wherever you go or come !"

    What the HELL does that mean Anonymous? Don't you have anything more creative to say? Why so coy?

    Just wondering!

  4. Ya I heard about that from friends and relatives, they sent me pictures too.. *sigh* I really miss it there.. cant wait to go back in the summer..

  5. Just wondering if you are still the same creative kristen !?


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