Monday, December 26, 2005

Very Useful! . . . well maybe.

You can find out all kinds of useful information on the internet. Click on the image above to learn how to control a runaway camel. - this might come in handy one day! Posted by Picasa


  1. lol, strangling the poor camel. miskeen ya haram.

  2. Yes Hale the minefield one would be good - there are thousands of mines in Libya left by the Italians, Germans etc - during WW2 - and also along the borders in the south during the conflict with Chad.

    Surviving a sandstorm . . I wish they had a link for combatting the dust that settles in the house - boy do I hate dusting!

  3. I have never ridden a camel, but I have a ton of experience with horses. Looks like same concept, keep turning them in towards themselves until they cannot run anymore.

  4. Abu is right. It's the same as when we're trying to stop a runaway horse. It doesn't matter which way you pull (left or right). Grab one of the reins and pull it into your side HARD... the animal can't jump or buck when he's turned that hard and he'll eventually tire out in a couple of seconds and just stop.


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