Saturday, December 24, 2005

Exams again!

Yes, it's time for the kids to sit for more exams. It seems as though they only just finished doing that. For the next two weeks I will be doing my best to keep the kids noses in their books - believe me that is a difficult task. They look for any excuse to do something else, but if I suggest they wash the dishes or fold the laundry they say 'No way Mom! I have all this studying to do!'.

So, I have removed the electrical cords from all the radios and CD players, the satelite reciever has a new password, there will be no telephone and I've locked my room because they all seem to want to lay all over my waterbed with their books (and end up falling asleep there). Two weeks of me playing the role of dictator! What a headache.

After that they will break for about two weeks. This holiday coincides with the Islamic holiday - Eid al Adhah. So between two weeks of putting up with the kids for exams and following that up with two weeks of looking at the kids 24/7 - not to mention all the in-laws that I will have to deal with on the Eid - I may end up loosing my sanity! Pray for me!


  1. Dear Khadija,

    I was searching through the net for old photos of Libya. I am possessed with finding out how Libya used to look, in the sense of people and how they used to live, buildings, old culture,etc...
    ...then, I found your web site. I would like to congratulate you, wonderful job. You said your site still under construction, may be in future you can add some animation to attract more people, young and old.

    Because I have been living in the UK for the last 35 years, I ended up publishing a guide for the UK which is very popular and was launched last year by the Rt. Hon. Richard Caborn, Ministrer for Sport and Tourism:

    I would love to publish a guide about Libya in English language for visitors coming to Libya.

    One day, probably.

    If you have any ideas for publishing in Libya, please let me know, we may work together on future projects. Libya deserves more promotional publicity.

    Happy new year and best regards,

    Younis Hammali

  2. Thanks !

    I have thought about producing a book for tourists traveling in Libya - unfortunately the cost is prohibitive especially if you want something that's good quality - still not enough tourists visiting here . . . yet. .


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