Saturday, December 17, 2005

5 things

Five things that most people don't know about me

This is a challenge given to me by Lisa - it's a hard one because I'm not one to hold back. If you know me then you really KNOW me! - But I'll put my thinking cap on and do my best.

1. Most people don't know that I have the dream to go to the Machu Picchu in Peru. I don't even know why I want to go there. Maybe it's because it's so green there (and being in the desert I certainly miss a green view - the only one we have here is the national flag). Or maybe I long to see the Machu Picchu because it's all the way up in the mountains, far away from anyone I know, or who knows me. Certainly it's not a spiritual thing. It's a wonder of the world - maybe I should try to visit all the wonders of the world - got to start someplace. I'm not sure I'll make it there - maybe one day . . . got to keep something for a dream.

2. Most people don't know that hate getting my back massaged, but I love getting my back scratched. Having a back massage always sets me off into a panic - I have this weird idea that my spine will get irreparable damage and I will end up in misery for the rest of my life. But scratch my back and I purr like a kitten! My father always liked to get his back scratched and so does one of my daughters, so maybe it's an inherited thing.

3. Most people don't know that I hate to have something covering my face - I can't bear to have the blankets in front of my face. It makes me feel like I'm going to suffocate. Mustafa thinks this is funny and he will sometimes try to cover my face while I'm sleeping and watch my response. Even while I'm sleeping it bothers me - torture! That means that there is no way that I'll take to wearing a niqab (face covering) - Hijab is plenty for me.

4. Most people don't know that I love to draw. When I started having all these kids I gave it up because there was no safe place to put all the drawing supplies. That's when I switched to digital art. I enjoy digital art, but I think I like drawing better. There is something about the smell of the paper and inks. Also the thrill of buying art supplies, you don't get that with digital art. My supplies are hidden safely away - out of the reach of the kids. They usually get into everything in the house - but they know that if they even dared to touch my art supplies that it would probably be a nearly fatal mistake - they leave them alone. Once in a while I take them out, but I haven't done anything serious in quite a while.

5. Most people don't know that I love spiders. I love all kinds of spiders. If I find any in the house I leave them alone to do there own thing. Of course there are cobwebs hanging about, but I only take them down if I think the spider has vacated them. I often go for walks in the countryside specifically to look for spiders. I also have a nice rubber tarantula that I keep around the house as a mascot. Nora, my daughter, used to be petrified of spiders, but I cured her of it by drawing spiders with henna on the backs of her hands, and on her palms I drew a web design. The whole time I worked on her hands we talked about spiders. Now she isn't afraid of them anymore.

Well, there you have it - five things about me that most people didn't know. I tag Kristen, Lonehighlander, Dunia, redenclave, nzinghas and whoever else would like to join in the fun.


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