Thursday, December 08, 2005

some news

Ibrahim has tonsilitis. I don't remember that any of the kids have been sick for quite a while, thank God. I've got Ibrahim on antibiotics and I'm giving him something for the fever and of course the TV is on with cartoons. But he's bored and trying to drive me crazy.

Adam bought himself a mobile phone - actually he only has the card - the phone itself will come next. He has been itching to get one for ages but I refused to fork over the money. I told him if he wants a mobile that bad he will work and save for it himself. So he's doing that. I think he has enough money to by the phone but only if he gets one of the cheaper models - and of course who wants one of those? So he is putting off buying it and is going behind my back to his father to see if he can get more cash. If Mustafa gives in I will probably strangle him. If he caves in it will just back fire because he will end up running to his father for more money everytime he needs to buy more phone time. (God how I hate mobile phones!)

Nora is doing her usual things - she's enjoying herself at school and also working on improving her English writing skills.

Sara is Sara, she's been taking extra lessons after school to improve her maths. Other than that she's not doing any extra curricular activities at school this year. She has enough just getting through her lessons without adding anything extra.

Yusef is also taking some extra lessons, but I think he's mostly socialising and flirting with the female population.

Jenna was complaining that things were looking blurry so we took her to the eye doctor and they prescribed glasses. We went out last night to see what is available and everything that we've found so far makes her look like Harry Potter! We'll keep looking until we find something suitable - the selection is better now than it was in the past, but there still isn't much to choose from.

I've sent Mustafa to go see about getting the tile installed in the house. He's dragging his feet as usual. uuuugh!

As for me, life is ok - work and work, kids and kids. I'm enjoying myself and enjoying the cool weather.

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  1. Yes, thank heavens for anti-biotics. Ibrahim is feeling much better now. I don't ever remember him having tonsilitis - Yusef had it so often that he missed most of a year of school and we finally took him to Tunisia and had his tonsils taken out.


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