Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Poem... for Libya

Two weeks after the February 17th uprising began in Libya I visited a good friend. We talked about what was going on and she confided that she'd been inspired to write a poem. She retrieved the paper that she'd written the poem and read it to me and then put the paper carefully away. Later, after I had gone home, she hid the poem, secreting it away so well that she forgot where she put it. Recently she came across it again and rewrote it for me, presenting it to me as a gift, rolled into a scroll and tied with a thin, red satin ribbon. She gave me permission to publish it here on my blog.

I find it especially moving - she had written the poem during the first week and a half of the uprising. There is so much hope in the words, a hope for freedom and democracy for Libya. I hope that those Libyans who read the poem will remember to register to vote - it's so very, very important.

The poem has no title...

From the mountain tops
Across the valleys
From the seaside beaches
Across the desert sand
Rang the People's cry - 

The footsteps of our youth
were steady in their forward march
Armed with naught but courage
they refused to retreat from their Goal
The cruel foe endeavored to stand
and repel Democracy's march
Freely flowed the precious blood
of our Youth
Yet still they would not be stopped
The Flame of Hope burned bright
in their Hearts and would not die

Our eyes fill with tears
and our hearts burst with Pride
At the Bravery enacted in Freedom's cause
Let us ever revere the memory 
of the Days of Change
Which though dearly bought
Gained for our Beloved Land - 

Rhonda Ahmed
February 26, 2011


  1. What a brave person you are for sitting it out with your lovely family, waiting for good days to start.. having lived through all that nighmare days and nights of dreadful strife. It is amazingly powerful to know that people like yourself keep going despite the odds.. I am sure that your country will have the freedom of choice that you all wished for. I cannot imagine being in a dangerous place looking out for the children, your own safety and still managing to smile through it. I have discovered your blog, so I will keep looking out for you.. I salute you all in these days of change, and hope you all stay safe and that that country will find its way again. I know you are from a diff country originally but all your ties over the years have bound you there quite strongly I am sure.. Good Luck, and I look forward to the next blog...oh and tell that poet friend, it was an amazing visual picture done by words.. Jeannine

  2. What a beautiful poem. Inshallah all the martyr's will be remembered God bless them and their families/friends, people must vote or for what was the purpose of the revolution?

    Wishing peace and prosperity for the beautiful Libya and it's people, they deserve the best after all the years of suffering.

  3. It's realy an amaizing poem , I think the title of this poem should be (Days for a change ).

  4. Hi, Teri. Touching poem, so much hope. There's something about a struggle that is important. Frantz Fanon put his finger on it pretty well in "Les Damn├ęs de la terre". But the longest, and hardest road seems to be what happens afterwards. May Libyans have peaceful and fair elections and may you have a good trip.
    best, nadia


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