Monday, May 07, 2012

A Basic Human Right

I'm a disgruntled LTT customer. Their service is horrible and I am fed up to here and then some. Because of where I live I am stuck with having only Wimax available... which is pretty sad considering I'm only about a 20 minute drive to the centre of Tripoli, and just five minutes away from the university. Who is to blame? Those who ran things in the past, or the present?

I haven't had internet service for the past four days. Sometimes the little icon indicator says there is service (when there really isn't), but mostly the little icon shows up with a yellow triangle with an exclamation point inside it. I've paid 30 dinars for NOTHING!

What pisses me off is that sometimes the internet service works... and I can happily get on with Skyping my family and friends, checking my email and reading the news. But then all of a sudden there is no service what-so-ever... nothing.. nada.. Now NO SERVICE is lasting for days on end. I feel cheated and frustrated, especially as one of the things I want to use the internet for is to look for airline tickets (so I can get out of here for a much needed break!).

I've tried calling the company... the phone rings and then switches over to a busy signal. I've tried the operator on the company's 116 service - the phone just disconnects. There is no way to reach them other then to take time off to go to the company. The last time I went they had a big beefy goon standing in front of the door, preventing anyone from going in. He was rude, and refferred to me as 'Ya Mama' to which I told him there was no way on earth (or this universe) that I was his 'mama' (or even his aunt).

Guess what LTT? Internet service is considdered a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT! And the last time I looked in the mirror I looked human...... an angry, fed up human, but definitely human..... sigh...

See you tomorrow LTT. Bright and early.

(This was sent using Almadar's crappy, intermittent, and extremely slow internet service)


  1. I can feel your frustration Khadija, I can't understand why they haven't got a good service up and running there's only about 6,000000 living in Libya! Hope they sort it soon.

  2. rabi eykun fi 3unik :-D
    maybe this'll cheer. least u hve wimax. ..wimax doesnt work in my area and its realllllllly fruastrating to use my phone. i spend most of my credit on internet with no use at all.
    tarbilis's and ya mama yep they wreck the head

  3. Thanks for sharing, but mind the language it doesnt suit you. Feel free to add the "I Love Islam" badge here its free.


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