Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Give me a break please!

The kids are on spring break this week so I'm trying to recover from all the driving I had to do while they were doing their exams last week. One day I spent 5 hours in the car getting kids from place to place. Exhausting. The good news is Nora and Sara got their drivers licences so hopefully this will give me a break from all the driving (and my husband will get a few more grey hairs while he worries about coughing up the cash to buy them a car!).

I got my car's air conditioner fixed yesterday - just in time too as the weather has suddenly become hot. I can now drive with my windows rolled up and the music turned up. For some weird reason Libyan men think that when a woman drives with her window open it means she's open for invitations.... sick, sick, sick... they even say things when I've got my kids with me!

More wonderful news is that it seems as though the garbage situation in Tripoli has been solved for the moment and the streets are being cleaned of all the rubbish that piled up in hills and mountains along the sides of the roads (but there are still flies everywhere!). 

The past few days we've had low flying helicopters and fighter jets - scaring me half to death as I duck for cover. You'd think I'd be used to such things. From what I see on social networks there has been some fighting in areas outside Tripoli, near Zawara. How much longer until my vacation? I need a break from this!

Spring break week is nearly over... plans for the rest of the week are to go on a picnic, go for a walk, take out my camera, read and rest.


  1. Really the open window means that a woman is open for invitations? Oh, It's great news for me to know this. So I will not mistake when I'll come back (to Tripoli), even when I'll drive with my child beside...
    It's always good to read you :)

  2. I dont think i cant stand that either. It scares me a lot.

  3. Ok, that explains the comments I've been getting! And I've been driving with a car load of kids!

  4. Ok, now I get it! That explains the annoying comments I was getting the other day driving down a crowded gergaresh! I had all the kids in the car too. Well they can run up a wall! I like driving with my window open when it's not too hot!

  5. Why not just hit them with your car? It shouldn't take too many before they get the message!


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