Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some pictures to share

Once in a while I look at the photos that my husband has on his mobile phone. I found a few that were interesting so I thought I'd share them with you. 

The first few are pictures of my husband's aunt's home in the heart of Suk Juma. She lives in a very old house that was built by the Turks during the Ottoman Empire. The house has an open-air central courtyard surrounded by rooms and living areas. The picture below is the view of the courtyard looking out of my husband's aunt's room. She says that when she got married she came to live in this room. All her children were born in the room and she hopes to live out her last breath in the same room. 

Below is the central courtyard. Notice the symbols to ward off the evil eye!

One of the doorways. The house is in it's original form. The family are very proud of this house and keep up with the maintenance.

This is the main entrance of the house. The walls throughout the house are over a foot thick. The ceilings are made of wood. The rooms have built-in storage and raised areas for sleeping.

There were quite a few pictures on the camera that were taken around different areas of the city centre and the Medina. It looks quite festive with the flags.

This fountain is in Martyr's Square. It was built during the Italian occupation. I should have straightened it out, it's slightly tilted... never-mind...

Some poor guy parked his truck, thinking it was safe... only to return and find that it was being swallowed up by a sinkhole.

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