Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Libya - Green Where it Should Be

For the past few weeks we've been having unusually rainy weather for this time of year in Libya. Normally the rains don't begin until mid November. Actually, I've never seen such weather in all the 22 years that I've lived here. Many people say that this weather is a blessing from God to the people of Libya and that finally the evil is being removed from the country. 

Today I went for a walk on the farm and took this panoramic photo. The leaves on the apricot and peach trees haven't begun to change colour yet. The fields are turning green long before they usually do and the wildflowers are beginning to sprout. Everything smells fresh and clean. If this weather keeps up the fields will soon be ablaze with the colours of wildflowers. 

Green - where it should be. - click on the image to see a larger picture

The war in Libya continues..... Please keep Libya in your prayers!


  1. I don't know what you mean by "evil is being removed". Do you mean the free health care, electricity, and education and subsidized housing and cars and the stipend newlyweds receivedunder the Jamahyria? Do you mean the 5 million (confirmed) who demonstrated for the Jamahyria last summer? Do you mean the tens of thousands killed by NATO and its special ops commandos and mercenaries. Do you mean to 31,000 executed or otherwise forcible departed by the NTC from Tawerga? Do you mean the hundreds if not thousands of lynchings and executions of black Libyans by the NTC? Do you mean the power grabs by the western oil companies before the blood has even dried? Do you mean the destruction of almost every major city in Libya?

    "Evil hasn't been removed ... evil has just arrived"!

  2. Anonymous.... where on earth are you getting your information?

    The free health care is of such poor quality that most people travel to neighbouring Tunisia or elsewhere to get treatment. Medicines are often unavailable and people have to pay out of pocket for them at pharmacies. If the typical salary is 400 dinars a month and you have a chronic illness that required you to pay 200 dinars a month or more for your medicine what are you supposed to do? People are often seen begging in front of hospital entrances to try to get enough money to pay for their treatment. Hospitals are dirty, understaffed and under equipped.

    We pay for our electricity. If you look around the streets of Libya you will notice electricity eters on all the houses and buildings. These meters are to show how much electricity you use so they can bill you!

    Education is free butsubstandard. All that has been taught is green book crap. For many years English was taken out of the curriculum - this has set Libyans back decades!

    Subsidized housing? Oh please. Cars? Everyone I know has had to pay for their car..... unless they were Kadafy bownnosers.

    5 million at the demonstration... there were reports that the images were photoshopped.People I know that live near the city centre said there were'tthat many people there. And the ones that were there were most likely paid to be there or forced to be there.

    10s of thousands killed by NATO? Untrue. NATO was very careful not to hit civilians - aside from a few . Mercenaries - Are you talking about the ones that Kadafy hired? There is plenty of proof.

    31,000 Tawergans exucuted...where did you get that number and information?
    and Hundreds or thousands of black Libyans hung? Where? When?

    Libya can't rebuild on it's own. Oil producing countries need oil companies... it's that simple.

    I am sooooo happy that Libya is rid of Kadafy. Yes.... the evil is gone!

  3. What a great response Khadija.

    I don't know what Libya your first commentator was writing about! It only existed in the Green book that the thankfully departed Gaddafi dreamed up.

    I would just like to ask one thing. Is the author related to Moussa Ibrahim? Or did they both perhaps graduate from the same school of media spin?


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