Monday, October 17, 2011

It's my birthday

I hope I get the best present ever. . . . .I'll let you guess what that is.
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  1. Emmm.....without having a party? that's gonna be a cheap one!!!!

    my gift will be this link:

    Happy birthday Khadija
    Wish you all the best....

  2. Happy birthday Mrs Khadija.....It's my little sister's birthday too,
    We are going to have a big party.

  3. It's my birthday too :) Wish you a happy birthday :)

  4. Wow! Well this is auspicious! I stopped by to tell you that I really like your blog and wanted to pass on the Versatile Blogger award to you, and of course, birthday wishes!
    Congratulations on the award, here is a link to my blog post about the award if you're interested
    I also awarded it to your amazing blog dedicated to Libyan Street Art. Keep up the great work...

  5. A Happy Birthday to you Kadija and wish you many more to come.

  6. A Birthday Blessings
    A poem for Khadija on your special day
    I wish you a very enjoyable happy birthday

    Your friendship is richer than the words I say
    I thank our God for sending you my way

    It’s a day for you to kickback enjoy & share
    And be surrounded by the ones who love & care

    Birthdays are not for counting candles & years
    Sing, dance, & it’s OK to have some joy tears
    A celebration with blessings for you to take
    Be Treated to a delicious barbeque steak
    And a yummy cup of coffee & slice of cake
    Happy Birthday Khadija

    Mahmud abudaber
    Los Angeles, California USA

  7. Happy Birthday. Hope it was Wonderful.

  8. Happy birthday. hey how are you coping with your children not going to school yet. Its a very long time for them to be off, mines driving me nuts as all she wants to do is play computer games.!!!
    By the way how on earth did you learn to speak Arabic I know you teach English but how about teaching me Arabic. I live in Libya now have done now for several years but my communication ability is zero. I know a few words but just cant switch off english. I would like to get work here but need Arabic and need to communicate with my mother in law.!!! Shes getting peed off with me now as I cant speak to her. Any ideas. Ta

  9. Happy birthday!!!!!!
    You got the best present ever ...a free LIBYA!!!


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