Monday, September 05, 2011

Keep praying for Libya

We've been pretty busy lately. We got through Eid celebrations and family visits. This year they were kept to a minimum because of the gasoline situation. Best of all we joined in the celebrations at Martyr's Square. It was amazing and wonderful! 

Ibrahim proudly holding the flag in Martyr's Square, Tripoli.  Peace! 

The last few days I've been getting the house back to a post-Ramadan state and rearranging our schedules. Unfortunately I seem to be the only one interested in changing our time schedule. I prepare lunch only to find no one's gotten up and had breakfast yet. It will take a while I guess. Yesterday and today were so hot that we only felt like eating sandwiches anyway. Maybe I should keep it light for a while.

I went for a drive to see what was going on in my neighbourhood. Some of the shops are reopening but they still haven't been restocked and the prices are still quite high. There are more cars on the roads because Tripoli has gasoline. There are lines at the gas stations but they seem to be moving quite quickly and no one's queue jumping and no one's threatening anyone with guns like in the old Kadafy days. Everyone's being patient - that's really amazing! There are check points everywhere. But the guys manning them are smiling and friendly. They're also doing a great job directing traffic. I also noticed that they are beginning to fill potholes with asphalt. 

I hear that the water situation in town is improving. Thank God we have our own well, but that of course depends on having electricity to pump the water into the holding tanks. We're still having problems with the electricity but it's getting better. We have power most of the time now, however, the electricity fluctuates and sometimes is so weak we have to turn off most of the appliances and unnecessary lights. This might be caused by high usage - the weather has been over 40 degrees C (104 F) for the past few days. Everyone is running their air-conditioners. Hopefully this will be worked out soon.

We've got internet! Yeah! The connection isn't very strong, especially with Wimax, but we're expecting that to improve. Mobile phone coverage is on again off again too - but also improving. I think everyone is trying to call each other and internet all at once. And I'm excited to finally be able to use all the apps on my phone. Yeah!

I've been reading about Kadafy's personal nurses. Link HERE
How ridiculous to think he needed FIVE personal nurses while in Libyan public hospitals there is approximately one very overworked nurse for every 20 to 40 patients. tch.. tch...tch...tch...

Keep praying for Libya. Pray that Kadafy forces in Bani Walid and Sirte put down their weapons and surrender and also that they capture Kadafy and his mob. Pray for a free and liberated Libya.


  1. Thanks for sharing your personal experience. May it end soon in a way better for the people.

  2. Certainly will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.....and all the people in your country......thank you for your comment on my blog....I do intend to enjoy my daughter's wedding!

  3. Oh and by the way.....somewhere in your blog someone suggested you write a book....good idea or at least an essay.....I think you have the writing skills and how interesting it would be to read an "insider's view" of what is was like to live through this experience....before and after.

  4. Hi. We've been thinking about all our Libyan friends for a long time but have had no way of contacting any of you and I now see you in All Libyan Blogs. Glad to see your family is OK, alhamdulilah (sorry, my spelling is surely wrong). A big hug for all of you.

  5. The Dick-tator

    A bloody cruel & a heart made of stone
    A stinking evil this world has ever known

    Throughout the thin and the thicker
    The dick-tator just got sicker & sicker.

    With a few days left for him to live
    Libyan people united & will not forgive

    Tripoli was searched but he wasn’t there
    The dick-tator disappeared in thin air

    Now the rat dick-tator is hiding alone
    A rat in a hole you could hear his moan

    Just a matter of time the rebels said
    With a bounty being put on his head
    The rat will be caught alive or dead
    Mahmud abudaber


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