Monday, September 12, 2011

It's the little things....

We have Doritos in Tripoli again!

Yeah! Woo Hoo!

Now if only they can bring Fritos here too....

Fritos... look at that package Mr. Supermarket man... get some to put on your shelves next to the Doritos. I guarantee the customers will be snapping 'em up!

I was out and about this morning. Almost all of the shops have reopened. The shelves are being restocked, slowly but surely. People look so happy to be out and getting back to work and soon school will start again too. And there's the smell of autumn in the air too. It feels wonderful! 


  1. Hello, I was following your blog since exact 1 year. last year september i moved to Tripoli for work, with my family from germany and bring a full container personal belongings. From first moment on i felt that local people here so WILD, sory to say but reay like jungle people (even in desert). and Alll things during my time here made my opinion worster. I rent a house, fully paid in advance, and i left my flat during crise, and what happen ? Owner of flat, a divorced lady, come in to my flat opened all my boxes, began use all my thngs, frm clothes till furniture. How can smbdy do so ? without any reason, and no oficial cant stop her. Even Judge says, "we'r in libya, libyan have rights".. GREAT... and worst thngs of the story is.. THE LADY IS A TEACHER. so, there wil be never a better future for Libya. FRom such teacher can not raise good people for libya. My and my familys tears will burn her Enshaallah hereafter.

  2. I wish they would bring some bean dip and some Velveeta Cheese so we can make some nacho's too !

  3. I love your style :) Congratulations to you on a free Libya and may the Fritos soon flow! lol
    Kay ~

  4. I am SO pleased to see you back online! I was home for the summer and have just got the children back to school and thought I'd pop over to your blog on the off chance you were here AND YOU ARE!!!

    Thank you for writing and now logging the months back on to the blog, I am about to make my way through every entry. I loved your story about the wedding invitation, just gorgeous.

    I have so many things to ask but mostly just wanted to say how lovely it is to see you back online and how pleased I am that you are safe. I am thinking of your son and hoping every day that Libya will see true freedom soon.



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