Monday, December 27, 2010

Problem.... solved!

Just when I was going to start griping about my shlafty neighbours a solution arrived, literally on my doorstep. 

You see, for the past couple of months I've been really ticked off with the people who live at the farm next to mine. The problem is their trash. They've dug a big hole next to the dirt road that leads to my front gate and have been dumping their garbage in the hole. Such a lovely sight to see as I drive up to my house! Not to mention the odor, flies, stray dogs and rodents that it attracts. Periodically they light their dump on fire, usually right after I've hung out the laundry to dry. Why can't they put their rubbish in plastic bags and drop it off in one of the many dumpsters that are placed around town? Yes, it's a bit of a hassle but it keeps the neighbourhood free of trash, smells and vermin. If we can do it they should be able to do it too. 

The neighbour's trash dump

I've been on a nagging campaign, begging my husband to go over and have a word with them. But he has steadfastly refused on the grounds that he doesn't want to make any trouble. He's complained to them in the past about other things and it's never gone over very well with them. They're simple country people... not very accepting of new fangled ideas like plastic trash bags or hygiene. 

This morning while I was contemplating what to make for lunch, our dogs started barking and growling. I wasn't expecting anyone so I went out to see what was going on. I could hear men's voices on the other side of the wall. Then I heard a car drive up, and the dogs immediately quieted. I could hear my husband talking to the men so I went back inside. Maybe my husband had brought some workers to do something. 

It turned out that the company, Rentokil, was making their rounds in our area and stopped when they had come across the sight of the garbage. My husband came home and found them setting up a rat trap next to our wall and across from the rubbish. They said they had noted the place on their GPS and would be sending someone to officially tell the neighbours to remove their garbage. So the problem will be solved! Yeah! 

The rat trap

... now if we could only get rid of the neighbours....

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