Monday, December 13, 2010

A change in the weather

The weather is finally getting cooler. Whenever this time of the year comes around I get the overwhelming feeling that I just want to sleep. It's as though my body has to slow down and adjust to the change. So today I took the afternoon and evening off and climbed into bed and slept for a few hours. It's only the beginning of the week and I'm looking forward to the weekend... so I can sleep. After I get used to the change in the weather I'll be ready to have some adventures. ... still waiting for licence plates for the new car... maybe tomorrow...

Too tired to bother cooking lunch, I took the picture above while I waited for Yusef to get some shawarma for us. A typical street scene  - Notice the shop in the middle that's selling exterior house paint, and the house behind it that is unpainted, African street cleaners who are taking care of the garbage and sweeping up the sand that piles up on the edges of the roads, cars across the street and in the mirror. 

The sky was overcast today... and I felt overcast too. It was so nice to have a lazy afternoon and evening at home.

1 comment:

  1. I just see your blog after clicking the 'next blog' on the navigation bar.
    Hello :)
    I hope you will got the license plate soon. Like you I love pass lazy time too. Nothing to comment about changing weather....stay well.


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