Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Rumor Mill

There's is big excitement in Libya these days. The country is playing host to the 3rd AU/EU Summit that will take place on the 29th and 30th of November. There are clean-up crews in all the streets and roads making sure everything is spic and span. The shop doors on the main roads have all been painted with a fresh coat of green paint. Flag poles are being put up in strategic locations and there is a strong presence of security as it's been reported that 80 heads of state will be in attendance.

I looked around on the net to see what I could find out about the summit and I really couldn't find much. I found this link: African Union Summit that says the theme is Investment, economic growth and job creation. The downloadable programme lists an opening statement and lunches, banquets and a group photo. Apparently nothing else has been planned because for each plenary session the topics all say 'to be defined'. It doesn't sound like much will be happening, but I bet you can pretty much count on at least one very, very, very, very, very,very long speech.

In the mean time, everyone is talking about the summit, specifically about the security measures surrounding the big event. Here are some of the things I've heard - and always the people saying them claim they have an 'official source' of someone who is 'in the know'. Some of them are pretty ridiculous!

  • A public holiday will be called - no school, no work.
  • Hospitals will be closed.
  • All shops will be closed
  • Barack Obama will be in attendance
  • The roads will be closed in the centre of Tripoli
  • The roads in Benashur will be closed
  • The roads into and out of Tripoli will be closed
  • the entire event will be moved to Sirte at the last minute
  • The internet will be shut off
  • all the country's money will be given to poor African countries
  • There will be a curfew - anyone caught outside on the streets will be shot on sight
  • The baker's will all be closed and there will be no bread in Libya
  • etc. etc. etc.

So, tell me.... what has your 'official source' told you? Click on comments... 

I'm off to the baker's.... going to stock up........ Thank God I've got plenty of gadeed!


  1. i personally didn't find anything about this whole thing online + i don't understand why would they stop school and work at the same close the roads !!! where should people go ?? and what should they do !!!

    barak obama !! we r dreaming lol

  2. well, so far , I've heard some of them , not all of them , I know that there will be no work or school,,some companies officially announced to their employees that Sun, Mon and Tue will be off, for example some oil companies.

    Still I don't have an official confirmation for any of the other rumours ^_^

  3. I do like the being shot at rumour, Obviously only if you dont have 50 Dinars as an excuse for being out after curfew, or driving with a seatbelt on, seatbelt off, having your tax disc upside down, radio too loud, radio too low, lights on during the day, lights on at night, just being in a car with blue plates, looking at the policeman funny, not looking at the policeman. You gotta love Libya


  5. I can confirm that all the rumours are true

    Yours faithfully

    Col Gaddafi

  6. Hello,
    as employees we had our share of rumors moving around in the company... some say there will be a 3 days off some say only two and others deny the whole story reasoning it as a non rational method to follow in such cases...
    anyhow today is Thursday and there isn't yet any official announcement regarding this it was just one strong rumor that took us by storm.
    and hopefully the rest of your list finds the same ending.

  7. Official website for the 3rd AFRICA-EU SUMMIT, TRIPOLI – LIBYA


  8. hospitals are that rumor is not true! im a doctor at the jala hospital for children.. and they posted a notice that all staff have to be at work those days.. plus i have a night shift on the sunday!.. so no holiday for me!


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