Friday, November 19, 2010

Cleaning up

Tomorrow's the end of the Eid break. The kids are bored and spend most of their waking hours fighting with each other. There have been lots of dishes to wash this past week. Really big pots and pans, the kind you have to wash in the garden with the hose because they don't fit in the sink. This has been the girl's job this year. We still have to finish off the gadeed tonight so there will be more dishes for them to wash.

By the way, Nora's osban (Libyan sausage) turned out even better than her aunt's sausage in the taste contest they had at my mother in law's house! I put this up to the fact that Nora put her heart and soul into making it (and she didn't have anyone to distract her with gossip while she did it). This is a big relief for me because now it means she can be our family's official osban maker. Now, when my husband decides he needs a huge dose of cholesterol we can put Nora to work making the offal (awful) stuff.

How am I doing? Well, once, and only once this week, I really yelled at the kids. That was because I found Ibrahim standing on top of the kitchen counter, swinging a broom at the light fixtures that hang from the ceiling and also trying to hit Sara, who was provoking the whole event. So of course I screamed and shouted. I should have left them destroy the house.  I regret yelling now.... I think it set me back a week. One thing that has helped - I have found joy in Sue Bee clover honey... 100%  American.... none of this pretend honey Libyans cheat each other with for me. A few tablespoons a day makes my throat feel so much better. 

I will be happy when everyone is back to school and work.  


  1. Last night I was in the Istanbul airport and saw Muslims from all around the world heading home from Haj. Even though it's not my holiday, I can imagine how moving that was for 4 million people to celebrate their spirituality together. It moved me just watching them go through the airport. And some were so exotic to me, as an American, I had to ask where they were from, because they were dressed unlike anyone I had ever seen before.

  2. Thanks for your comment Karen. It sure is amazing to see people from all over the world in one place - all of them with the same goal.


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