Thursday, July 16, 2009

Making TODO Lists

I feel as though I am in a race to get our house done. I wake up in the morning thinking about what is on the list of things to do and at night I think about what has been crossed off the list - or not crossed off, which is more likely.... sigh... I'm doing lots of nagging too.

I am sick of looking at furniture shops. I have an idea of what I want for the ladies sitting room but can't find it. Hubby came home and said he found something that was perfect and then told me he put a down payment on it. I took the girls to the shop to have a look and we were shocked... it was awful! It looked like something from a television studio - an Egyptian soap opera set to be exact. UGLY.. it even had TASSLES! What was he thinking???

Hubby was upset that none of us liked it. He was insisting that it was so comfortable. It's for the ladies sitting room - he isn't going to be sitting in it. I personally don't care if the furniture in there is comfortable anyway. My 'friends' won't be sitting in there - they will be in the rest of the house with me. The ladies who will use that room will be the ones I wouldn't invite into the rest of my house - who cares if they're comfortable or not! lolol

There is still the dilemma of Internet. No phones in the area means there is no adsl. I spoke to a boy in a nearby shop and he said to just forget wimax because the signal wasn't strong enough. My God you would think I was way out in the middle of no where - it's 15 minutes from the centre of Tripoli!

There is talk of a special sim card dongle from Libyana but no one seems to know when that will be. Almadar is totally pissing me off too. Their Internet used to be 10 dinars a month and now it's 10 dinars for just 45 hours. What the F is that all about? I used to be able to keep the messenger open on my phone all the time to keep tabs with family and friends but now if I do that it I estimated it would cost me 160 dinars a month. I'm trying to get myself into the habit of shutting the Internet off on my phone so I don't waste any time. So depressing... sigh...

The kids and I were driving out to the house the other day and Yusef was counting all the houses in the area. When I asked him what he was doing it for he said he was calculating the number of girls in the neighbourhood. ... hehehe...

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  1. Hi, It seems pretty hard to get orgonized in the new house, especially when you have something in mind and you do not find it. Maybe it will help if you try to do DIY yourself. I do not know, but can find different people to make different things up to your taste? Can you make for example curtains / cushions or similar things yourself or your own children?
    That way you will keep yourself and the children busy during their holidays.
    It is hard, but where there is a will there is a way.. Good luck.

    Your friend from Malta.


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