Sunday, July 19, 2009

Getting messages

Our apartment is trying to tell us something...

Last week the sink in the main bathroom sprung a leak. This is always a big headache because in order to change the flexible pipe that runs from the main pipe to the tap is difficult to install because of the shape of the sink. It requires completely removing the sink from the wall and finding the right sized pipes to fit it. For some reason every time we have to do this it turns into a big ordeal... possibly hiring a plumber would solve this problem but hubby likes DIY for some reason. So I've had a bathroom sink sitting in my entryway... for the last few days... sigh.... we've been using the bathtub as a sink.

This bothers me somewhat, but our efforts these days are being put into finishing the house. The bathroom sink can wait.

The light bulbs have been burning themselves out... one by one...

This bothers me somewhat, but our efforts these days are being put into finishing the house. We fix the lights when we can.

This morning we woke up to the find that the hot water heater in the main bathroom decided to call it quits. Hubby and I just stood in the bathroom and looked up at it. Both of us let out a big sigh.

This bothers us somewhat, but our efforts these days are being put into finishing the house. It's summer. We can take showers without the water heater or we can use the boy's bathroom (and hope no one turns on the water in the kitchen - the pipes are connected).

'What will happen next?' I wonder aloud.

Our apartment is trying to tell us something... I think it wants us to move out.


  1. Salam alaykom.
    Masha allah, i read that you have been living in Libya for 20 years! I am married to a Libyan man since 2004, and we have a daughter at the age of 3. My dream is to move to Libya. My husband comes from Benghazi.
    You have a very beautiful home, masha allah... I am so happy to hear that others have moved to Libya, and everything seems fine with you :) I am from Sweden. I am 24 years old :)My name is Emma, or Umayma, as you wish to call me.

  2. Just thought I would stop by and see how ypou are doing. I was hoping you had moved into your new house.


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