Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm so very disapointed.... :(

I tried to stretch out Almadar's Internet service for as long as possible. The 10 dinars lasted me about four and a half days. It was turning itself on even when I was using a wifi connection. Forty-five hours doesn't last long anyway, especially when the service is slower than molasses.

What f*ing rip off!

I'm not going to use Almadar's Internet unless they switch it back to 10 dinars a month again (note: 1 month=720 hours).

Boycott Almadar!

... sigh...



  1. Yes and yes and yes, 45 Hours not enough for Surf net, Check E-Mail, Download RSS and check other services, i think some one on "ALMadar" is very stupid to make this decision, and maybe he don't know how using Internet with his mobile.

  2. salam

    yes its furustrateing and its not fare,
    if u could get almadar billing line its still 10 dinars a month... it helps and its the way u used to,,, also the calls are cheaper



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