Friday, March 13, 2009

Nightmare Mother-in-laws

I'm really lucky that I have a wonderful mother-in-law. She's caring and thoughtful. Usually she keeps her opinions to herself - and I know that hers differ from mine by a wide margin. She's also very supportive of me and encourages me to make the best of my life here in Libya.

Not everyone can count themselves lucky when it comes to their husband's mother. I have heard stories of women that have been on the ride to hell and back with their mother-in-law in the driving seat! I've even known people who have had their marriages end in divorce over the interference of their husband's mother (and sisters). This is not just an problem for foreign woman married to Libyans either, although multi-cultural unions seem to be that much more difficult - but Libyan ladies here suffer too from nightmare mother-in-laws.

I came across this article and thought it might be useful: How to Deal With a Difficult Mother-in-law

How's your Azoozah?


  1. I love my azooza but I know a lot of people that have a hard time with theirs.

  2. emmm....well i am not married yet...but i always hear about those stories and fights and so on..
    that i am already having night mares..cuz of it.........i am thinking of staying single.....or get married to a guy without a azooza (dont want to look mean..but i mean dead mom)
    its like no matter how a good azooza ur kliving with ..there will always be some diffretces and problems in ur life cuz of her.....
    but to be honest....there can be helpfull, sweet nice azooat..but no one is she must have her moments...
    for now i am really thinking serioes about staying single....i already refused many guys...& i think i can keep on doing it..
    any advices from u...married womens.....

  3. I have been truly blessed - my azooza is wonderful - she treats me 'better' than her own daughters. Whenever we meet I get a hug and a kiss on the lips as well as the kisses on the cheek. When I head back to Canada to visit she is in tears. On the other hand my co-wife gets very short shrift - mainly because she has treated our azooza with a great deal of disrespect and continually lies about what is going on between the two of them to the hubby.

  4. Mine was a wicked witch !!!!!!!!!! But when we were all alone and no one else around , we loved each other !To be fair , she hated ALL of her daughter in laws , even the ones she picked out ! LOL !

  5. Fortunate that in laws on both sides live in different countries but unfortunate that the kids do not have the pleasure having their grand parents around which I think which is very important.

    The Clash - Should I stay or should I go

    everytime your mother in law is at home play this song :-)

  6. Azoozah

    I have a measurable mother-in-law
    Came equipped with fangs & claws

    Azzozah who doesn’t love me so
    Is the nightmare person I know

    Satan should be Azoozah name
    To me they're all bout the same

    Mother-in-law is the wicked witch
    Some called her an old mad bitch

    Ride with azoozah to hell & back
    And your bright day will turn black

    I can’t shut her ugly loud mouth
    I did all I could to kick her butt out

    She can easily use her hectic force
    And son’s marriage ends in divorce

  7. I have read a few words of your blog in The Indian Express daily. The words made me thinking that you belong to India. But the actual blog made me surprised to see that you belong to Libia.So this illness of the society is there in all part of the world! There are daughter in laws of that category.But its a blessing by God to get a Mother/Daughter in law. By God's grace till I write this my mother and wife are in good relation and i enjoy there warm relation. May God bless all ...

  8. Dear Khadija,

    Wanted to say Hi! :). I come here every now and then to see you! Those days of living in Tripoli seem loooong time ago to me now... Sometimes I think of there and the memories that I have from that city. It's always great to read your posts. Hope every thing is fine with you, really miss you and glad to know you're happy with your mother-in-law ;).

  9. when i was married my mother-in-law was just trulley evil.... she had nothing nice to say to me about anything... i was a terrible mom, a terrible wife, a terrible everything.... then i divorced her son...and it was even worse.........then my X husband remarried and that started her journey to discovering that i was not the problem... its been over ten years since my divorce and now my mother-in-law(she can be called that now)and i have a better relationship then we ever did... she sees me taking care of my children and being there for them more then her son... she also sees that family is more important to me then a perfectly clean house..i know we may never agree on everything but i believe we are more open to each others opinions now then we ever were.... i really enjoy being around bev and hearing about her day, she is an important part of my and my childrens lifes...

  10. well..Since i'm single..I wouldn't dare talking what i think..
    I will just read what others have to write regarding this issue..:)
    Well,,married people ,have fun..
    Best regards


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