Monday, March 23, 2009

Is there anyone using Libyan Wimax?

I've been watching the news about Libya's Wimax Internet. It opened to the general public a few months ago but I only know one person that paid for a subscription and modem only to find that there was no reception where they lived (not far from Tripoli's city centre).

The other day I checked out their website to see if there was any information about where it's available but only parts of it are done and other parts are still under construction. I want to find out whether it will work in the area where we are building our house. There are no telephone lines in the area so that means no ADSL. We could get one of those wireless 'reefee' phones but I haven't met anyone that's been satisfied with the Internet available with them.

Today I noticed on the TechnoLibya blog that Wimax prices have gone down 100 dinars. I imagine they're trying to coax people into making the switch from ADSL. I certainly wouldn't want to spend the money only to find out the system didn't work. I don't think they'll give you a refund.

Is anybody using Wimax? What do you think of it? Comments please!


    I know some people who using Wimax one of them is my sister in her house she said to me it is excellent and fast and can download easily , but some of them said it is very bad and no reception by the way they live in the center of city and next to university. they asked LTT office about it , LTT said EN shallah they fax the problems and may be take one or two month to fix. and there are many areas have not reception. bad thing people paid more than 500 dl.I use ASDL i found it excellent if they don't do something bad like cutting reception, wooow if they do it

  2. Hello everybody

    I'm here with my WiMax speed results, that what i did through the website of speed testing, and that action what the results shows makes me so satisfied

    But we have to be positive and note that..... factually there is nothing new has no errors
    I'm WiMax user for about 40 -45 days, just one day service off and maybe 3 or 4 times -for about 5 hours -the speed fell down EXCPET THAT everything is wonderful, i told my friends that i have downloaded one file size 1GB within 40min. that is amazing
    So about the coverage open this page to check ur area on the map, zoom in, to get image like this :

    Have a look, :O tripoli become a farm of sites of WiMax
    There is alot of things needs to be understand, just needs to understand to change our view about it
    LTT trying to do the best, many things prevents, so we shouldn't preventing too


  3. Hi Khadija

    WiMAX is still under development, therefore, advise the postponement to subscription in it now until become more effective and less price.

    This link for WiMax coverage

    and this link for more information

  4. Assalamo Alicom,

    First, I would say that I have been reading your blog since 2006. and I always learn new vocabularies and English expressions from every post, so thank you very much.

    Back to the subject, I was responsible to test wimax as an alternative service for our company’s network. The conclusion as follows:

    -The quality of service depends on the area. if you have a good coverage which means good signal’s strength in your area, wimax will be a good choice.

    -There are still some technical problems unsolved, it disconnects with no reason and you need to reconnect it manually.

    - Wimax speed is good and can reach even 2-3Mbps. In addition, download rate can reach 250kbps but on the other hand side the upload rate is too slow about 1-2kbps. It means if you need to send emails with big size attachment, it would be a hard work.

    -Wimax is still expensive comparing with its performance and quality.

    Finally, I would recommend to wait before spending money on a poor quality service at the moment, and I think LTT is working on it to improve the quality.

    Sorry for this long comment, it looks a technical report to my manager…lol

    Ah yes, I know you’re English teacher and I would ask you if there is IELTS preparation course at your school, I’m not sure about my level but it’s worth a try.

    Thank you and I’m sorry for this long comment. and plz correct any mistakes in my writing , it'll be useful for me.

  5. am living in Misrata and although is not officially launched
    many people here are using the service using the WiMax Internet.
    The same problem exists here, some places are out of touch while others in heaven.

  6. hello
    i think you dont live far from capital city i see this problem in configure not in signal i think you
    unknown about haw to configure wimax device i think you didn't know that. last few days i resolved this problem with indian company .
    sorry my english
    good bye

  7. hello
    i think you dont live far from capital city i see this problem in configure not in signal i think you
    unknown about haw to configure wimax device i think you didn't know that. last few days i resolved this problem with indian company .
    sorry my english not clear
    good bye

  8. Hi KhadijaTeri,
    I live near airport road and have Wimax. It usually works great and speed is fine (I am not demanding). However, as SSAli mentioned, it does disconnect quite often and it has to be reconnected again.
    One thing though - I can see their tower from the house, and hear that we are lucky to be that close to it. So there are still problems with coverage.
    As for uploading, I agree again with SSAli - it is painful.

    I would suggest that you borrow one activated Wimax, bring it to your future house and check if it works there. That way you know for sure.

  9. I've been using wimax for 2 months now, I'm living in hay demeshk, and the reception is perfect. I was sing re-fe phone for internet this is 100 times better than that... I strongly recommend you.

  10. L T T
    Local Thievery Team.

    I'm not pessimistic but we don't have other option. Only LTT!!!

    BTW the heavy load in Al-Fatah Tower area, you will never reach the hi-speed of 2 Mbs. there's a maximum limit for each antenna regarding the number of users. Imagine it yourself.

  11. Thank you very much for this informative posting. I am a wireless industry analyst and blogs like yours are very useful in getting behind the corporate press releases to find out what is really happening.

    And to all the commenters who have apologized for their English: please do not apologize. You have gone to a lot of trouble to learn my difficult language, and I am very grateful to people like you around the world. Thank you.


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