Friday, March 20, 2009

Children's Day - Eid al Towful

Tomorrow is Children's Day in Libya. Because it falls on a weekend this year some schools celebrated yesterday and some will celebrate on Sunday. All of my kids are too old for it this year with the exception of Ibrahim. He's excited about getting new toys and something new to wear to school too. He's been nagging me for a few days now about it... lololol. Soon enough he will be too big for Eid al Towful and I won't have to worry about it anymore.

I didn't start having kids until I'd been married for six years. They really change your life! I found this interesting video... I thought it was hilarious - but I have a weird sense of humour... lololol...


  1. i m agree with u children changed their parents life. and with out them there is n't anything make life interesting. i ask Allah to give all families don't have children.
    Eid Al-towful it was our day n skols and we waited and guessed wat will our teachers would bring to us and i still remember wen i wore my new clothes and made some sweet to brought with me n our party. yesterday i saw children went to skols and wen they went back with theirs the end i want to say happy mother's day too form all mums n world.

  2. Khadijaaaaaa

    I couldn't finish this video sucks ! uuhhhh

  3. that video is just too hillarious i laughed my butt off , i have animals also and a kid so i could relate , too funny

  4. Hi Khadia! Did you find the first six years uninteresting without kids? Bet you didn't! Judging by your blog which I really enjoy, you always find life interesting and if its gets boring (weddings, funerals, etc. you find a way to entertain yourself. More power to you! Life itself is the greatst gift. Kids are an option.

  5. I love the video you posted! I hope I will not do this to my future child.

  6. I found the last part of this very offensive. Wish I hadn't had watched it.

  7. OMG - when I see people that do not have kids but have pets and they make their pets their chldren - makes me laugh - like a child is anything like having a dog or a cat - but what a hoot.


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