Friday, February 13, 2009

Doing laundry

I am sick and tired of buying clothespins! Ibrahim has been obsessed with throwing clothespins off the balcony for years now. He tosses them across the wall and into the neighbour's garden and aims them at the stray cats. I probably buy at least 200 clothespins a month - usually more. No amount of reasoning with that boy works.. and believe me I think I've tried everything!

I've got to go out once again and buy MORE clothespins today. It's windy and we've got lots of laundry... sigh... It would be nice if I could get a clothes dryer but unfortunately my building was built years ago before such things existed or were thought of and the electrical wiring in our flat isn't able to handle the load.

As it is, we have to do the 'electricity swap' every time we want to use something that would require a large amount of electricity - this means if we want to use an electric space heater in the boy's room we have to turn off the water heater in their bathroom. Typically a Libyan house has very few electrical outlets too - so we have extensive use of extension cords running throughout the place.

I made sure that when we were building our new house that there was ample electricity and outlets... at least six outlets in each room. I am definitely going to get a clothes dryer when we move.... if we ever finish that dammmmmned house...grrrrr...


  1. lol , I'm supposed to do all my laundry today too, the winds stopped me too. and the dryer is not working, or to be more specific it eats the fiber and make holes in it like the cheese holes :(

    Wish you finish your house, and move soon :)

    Miss you sooooooo much

  2. This is too funny, we use clothespins in the kitchen to close bags... My husband asked today, where are all of the clothespins????

  3. LOL, I had clothes pegs on my blog last week...


  4. Okay, I've read your blog from start to finish and check back frequently to see how the house is going, and I am getting ready to come over there and build it for you myself! lol. Keep us updated!

    I tried for a job at the American school but heard nothing. :( looks like no Tripoli for me next year...


  5. My youngest enjoys breaking mine! Have given up buying more! Trying to keep my wash load's small and using the clothes horse atm!

  6. I know exactly what you're saying KT. I've rented a house in Zanzour area for my family and the first thing that struck me was there were very few sockets for appliances (there are just three sockets in the kitchen in odd places. Just one on the kitchen counter!!!). At the moment i can have only one heater turned on if i want to use the toaster and the microwave. Amazing at this day and age. :-D


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