Thursday, February 26, 2009


On the Edge has some nice pictures on her blog from her recent trip to Yefren (a town in the Nafusa Mountains). Among the pictures are some of the old synagogue. I just thought I'd mention it because I often get requests from Libyan Jews to show what I can of the old Jewish sites. It's nice to see that it's still pretty well preserved.


  1. Thanks for the link up ! It was a pretty spectacular thing to find tucked away in the mountains considering how famous a place it once was in it's hey day .

  2. Nice post, neat photos, went and had a look already.


  3. MashaAllah! Had a look at her pictures. They are lovely. My dh's parents are from there. Am going to try show them the pictures next time i've over. I don't think my MIL has been back in donkey's years!


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