Friday, February 13, 2009

An update on doing laundry

I went to the supermarket and stopped in the section that sells housewares to pick up some clothespins. Six packs of them.

I got to the counter to pay and the guy added them up and said 'Twelve dinars'. I looked at him to see if he was serious and said 'Excuse me?' and waited for him to say he'd made a mistake. 'It's twelve dinars.' he said. 'Do you think I'm an idiot?' I asked him. 'I know that they are 75 dirham a package. Believe me mister I know all about the price of clothespins.'

He insisted that they were of the finest quality wood. I just looked at him and said 'Well since they are so wonderful you can keep them all for yourself because I'm no fool.' and off I went leaving him with his clothespins. I drove down the road to another shop and got clothespins for the regular price of 75 dirham for each pack. Now the clothes are flapping in the wind on the clothesline.

Maybe I should threaten to do this to Ibrahim if I catch him messing with my clothespins again!


  1. Yea, what's the point of the finest quality wood when they're going to be chucked down in the street soon? :)

  2. Ouch - that photo of the clothespin head looks very painful and his skin looks blue! I'm surprised they didn't give the donor some pain meds when she went home!


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