Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend Adventures

My weekend was lovely! Friday afternoon was spent at a gathering of my friends. We took an afternoon out of our busy lives to; meet, laugh, catch up on our news and of course eat. It was a potluck bonanza! Everyone brought a dish or two. One thing is for sure - no one ever goes home hungry or empty handed when we all get together because there is always enough to eat and also to take a sample of this or that home to the unlucky members of your family that didn't come along.

Saturday I had a positive shopping experience (at least for me). My friend Tara and I decided we would see what Suk Al-hise in Al-hani was all about. It was horrible! The stuff they are selling would be classified as 'cheap crap'. In one section they had some CDs for sale and Tara stopped and got a CD of Tamer Hosni - her latest heart-throb. As we left we decided that 'Suk Al-hise is one place we will not waste time visiting again.' Unfortunately Tara discovered upon returning home, that the CD she had bought from there was blank!... Does this mean we have to go back there to return it? Uggh.. the thought of returning to Shlaftyland is scary!

We decided it was time to have a hamburger and went to our favourite place Mexicana. I have never understood why they named the place Mexicana because they don't sell any Mexican food there. We always get good service and the hamburgers are pretty consistent. Most people just pop in there and order take out but there are two tables if you want to eat there.

The disadvantage (not for me) is that there is no smoking allowed there and so Tara decided to stand outside to smoke - (God I wish she'd quit... sigh...) The guy working there got all upset and asked me to ask her to stop smoking in front of the shop. He said 'Ayb Ayb!'. 'But it's obvious that she's an ajbabiyah (foreigner).' I told him. He said 'Quite honestly I don't have a problem with her smoking, but not everyone would feel the same way.'

Libyan women don't smoke - at least not in public. If they smoke they do it at home and even then it is kept like a hidden secret. But I think in nearly every other Arab country women smoke and it's considered normal. This brings up the issue of just what is expected of foreigners visiting or working in Libya in regards to customs and behaviours. That's a whole post by itself.

Across the street from the fast-food shop there is a shop that sells shoes and bags - real stuff! The kind that are made out of leather. The shop doesn't smell like glue and plastic - it smells like a shoe store is supposed to smell. And they had a bag in there that I just couldn't pass up. 'You are such an impulse buyer.' Tara remarked. I bagged my first kill of the shopping expedition. One point for me! The bag is mine!

After that we headed toward Dahara's computer shops. Tara needed an audio cable and I wanted to look at wireless routers. Tara got her cable and I picked up a memory chip and an iPod recharger (two more points scored for me). I got an idea about the router I wanted and will return for that later.

On the way home we got in the car and found that the audio cable didn't work. Poor Tara - this was just not her day for shopping. I don't think you get any points for getting a bad audio cable and an empty CD. Better luck next time Tara! ... We are already planning our next retail therapy session.


  1. poor Tara and she needs to quit smoking.
    but what about friday? just few lines ?

  2. the first tine i saw a woman smoking in Libya was at my aunt's wedding (i was only 10), we had zimzamat and i saw them smoking i remember it felt so weird.

  3. to anonymous
    when i was growing up, people used to provide zemzamaat(that took place before 69), along with 3alat el shahi, with cigarettes and even alcohol(well hidden). this was supposedly, to get the best performance ever from them...I'm not kidding!
    khadija LOOOL! you beat us: as trabilsias, my sisters and I had already concocted: tarhuland, gmataland,3aradaland offense!

  4. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em Tara! lol *now I'm off to duck Khadija's menacing glare*

    I miss Libya so much it's become easier some days NOT to read the blogs... just so I don't get reminded of what I miss from over there. I hope you guys are doing well.

    If you happen to run across someone who needs a great IT guy... throw my name around like a hammer! lol.

  5. Well first LOL ,, secondly Hi im new on blogspot thin but my answer to all this is im just happy that you was strong enough to go through that with Patience ... Tara and the guy at the counter i mean if i was u i would be uh emmm screaming around AaAaAAAaaaAAAaaaa from libyans i cant get it why are they that judgemental ...


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