Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A change in plans

Last week I was busy with ELTEX and had a light schedule at work. On Thursday I checked in to see how things were going and my secretary informed me that over the weekend the building directly across from the school would be demolished. I thought 'How nice that they plan it for the weekend. The demolition won't disrupt classes.'

On Sunday, the beginning of my work week, I drove to work expecting the neighbouring building to be gone but when I went to turn into the road I found the workers just beginning.

I sat in my car and watched the bulldozers, dust and debris. Huge chunks of broken cement were falling around the equipment which filled the road that had been blocked off from normal traffic. I noticed that the workers weren't wearing hardhats or other protective gear and I figured that if they didn't care about their own safety they wouldn't give much thought to anyone else's either. I would never forgive myself if anyone got hurt or injured and it was so noisy that no one would be able to hear above the din, so I canceled classes for two days to give them time to sort things out.

I drove home. It seemed strange to have the afternoon and evening off and I decided that since I wasn't supposed to be at home anyway that I would pretend not to be there. I headed straight for my bedroom, locked myself in, changed into my pajamas and climbed into bed. I hid under the blankets and slept all afternoon, only coming out when it got dark outside. I did this again the next day too. It was wonderful. No one missed me.

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