Thursday, May 17, 2007

Weekend's here & summer's here too!

Well, five kids are through with exams.... only Adam left now. Since Adam doesn't use the telephone very often (because he has a cell phone), we dragged it out from the lock-up and plugged it in.

Do you know what we heard?...... Fatima Omar of course! Asking us in her sweet voice to go pay the phone bill. It will have to wait now until next week because the weekend is here. It doesn't really matter anyway, we were actually getting used to not having the phone. It did make some of my friends pissed off though... they are begging me to consider getting a mobile phone..... sigh.... I'll have to think about it.

Now I'm trying to figure out what I will do with all these kids for the summer.

Any suggestions?


  1. Get the kids a group tour to US so they will be able to visit their relatives and enjoy a beautiful Summer in the states.

  2. How can you live without a cell phone???

    Take the kids to work and learn them the love of business investment. Each week buy them a waggon load of dela3 (water melons) and let them sell the stuff at the beach. Or let them sell anything else that people would buy.

    My (spoiled) kids didn´t learn how to behave responsible and keep the action alive until they got a job outside the house.

    Good luck!

  3. why dont youand the kids come visit us here in the states.

  4. I've made it here in the USA without a cellphone since mine disappeared while I was in Libya! Don't need one really. Its amazing what we feel we NEED in life. As for the kids a box of velcro and a large wall would work for me. Suggestion from my daughter- PLEASE tell her to get one again-the ice cream calls aren't as fun as the "can you pick me up?" ones;)

    haha my second daughter was watching me respond to your post. I work with her and her hubby so instead of getting me a phone my husbands solution was to let the kids call her since i am usually with one of them :(
    I got at least two of mine Suhayl and Aieysha helping repair houses this summer. Suhayb doesn't want to get paint on his good shoes! So much for money in his pocket this summer. Suhayl is saving his for a car so he will have one next year when he turns 16. Maybe he can have a trip to Libya this summer hahahahahahahahaha

  5. yes Khadija send the kids to the US to have some fun pls but you kindly stay in Libya I need to see you lololol :D

  6. well, my sister told me the other day she signed up her son for horse riding lessons in Regata in the summer, it comes as a whole package they can also enjoy the beach and the clean atmosphere away from bad kids right around the corner!

  7. I agree with most! send them back to the States to visit their relatives and enjoy a beautiful Summer, I am doing just that, my kids will spend their summer with their relatives in Tripoli they will come just on time for School 1st week of September.

  8. I just popped in to see what is going on in your life.
    Everyone is telling you to send the children to the States. WHY??? I loved the summer in Tripoli... we spent most of our days swimming with our friends in the Mediterranean. Buy a few good books and go relax on the beach with your kids. The house will not suffer if you are not there every second. You should get some vacation time too.

  9. So far Sara has joined a 'Nadi' or a club in one of our neighbourhood's private schools. That will keep her occupied in the mornings. The other kids are still enjoying the freedom to watch non-stop cartoons and aren't thinking of doing much else at the moment. They'll all go to English language lessons this summer, as usual.

    I'm thinking of taking up snorkling in the early mornings... got to get the right gear and suit.


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