Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

7/365. foggy heart
Originally uploaded by strph.

I didn't get any chocolate or roses today.... sigh...


  1. i didnt either, happy valentines day to you and yours.... hugs holly

  2. I did :) but I gave a lot too... Happy Valentine Khadijateri . Tell us what does hubby think about it ?

  3. I liked the picture,
    happy Valentine's day

  4. touching heart photo.....

    I think you should go out today and buy some wonderful chocolates and some fresh flowers for yourself.....give yourself a few moments of peace and quiet and enjoy them.....


  5. Hubby wasn't interested in Valentine's Day.. I offered to take him out to a restaurant for a nice quiet (probably unromantic) meal but he declined my offer.... sigh....

  6. Do what I did; next year make him his favorite meal and top it off with his favorite dessert cover with heart shapped candies. And you must keep telling him lovingly that it's Valentines day and he is your Valentine. He'll catch on after a few years.

  7. Chatalaine.... that sounds like too much work... I will get him back... he will pay for his misdeeds... with gold of course... I've been in Libya too long! LOL

  8. I didn't get any chocolates either, but I told my husband not to bother because on the 15th they are 1/2 price and I went shopping.
    My Libyan host son from this summer caught me online to wish me a happy valentines day! :-)

  9. I'm glad you liked my photo! Thanks for blogging it. Thanks, also, to your readers for their compliments.


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