Sunday, April 24, 2005

another day

Yusef is doing OK - has pain and is grumpy. I went to visit him in the hospital and he started to cry when I was getting ready to leave. It was hard not to start crying too. I spoke to the doctor this evening and he said that they will probably keep Yusef in the hospital till the end of the week - maybe they might let him out sooner. They want to make sure that he doesn't develop infection. He has a canula in his foot that they are using to give him his anti-biotics. Yusef says the needle in his foot bothers him and of course his arm hurts. He will just have to be patient.

Yusef wanted to know why his grandmother hadn't come to visit like she had the day before. He wanted to know if she was staying with his brothers and sisters. We lied and told him that she was at home with the kids because the stairs were too difficult (Yusef is on the 5th floor). That's so sad. Yusef knows that his grandmother would be sleeping over if it were one of his cousins and he expected that she would do the same for him too. I reminded Mustafa to make sure to tell his mother. . . sigh . . . when you are a foriegner married to a Libyan you don't always get the same treatment as if you were a Libyan woman. It doesn't bother me anymore - but it bothers my husband and the kids. . . sigh . . .

Ibrahim is jealous. He insisted that I take him to the toy store today and buy him something. He wanted a large remote control car. I told him no way - too many batteries and the thing was plastic and looked like it might last about 5 minutes (the batteries would probably outlast the car). We settled on some super huge lego style building blocks. He has been busy with them ever since. And they are shareable, so the other kids can play with them too.

In the meantime I am trying my best to get as much lesson plans done as possible so I won't get bogged down at work.


  1. You're right about the foreigner remark Khadijateri, it's embarassing and I wonder when will we stop acting this way *sigh*. Sometimes they don't even realise that it's cruel.

  2. It doesn't only happen to foreigners. It happens to locals as well. My mom, for instance she came from the same state as my dad. But, her mother-in-law would act the same way as yours. She gave my mom a cold shoulder. She would rather my dad marry someone from the same town. How close can you get, I ask myself. The way she treated me, like an outsider. I was never close to her. I didn't even shed a tear when she pass on. I just accept it as it is. We live in a sad, sad world!


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