Thursday, March 17, 2005

Rock link

Lisa at anotherlisa had a really neat link on her site - The Rock Identification Key . It's a site to help novice rock collectors figure out what kinds of rocks they have found. It's really interesting to me because I am always looking at rocks, picking them up, and dragging them home. My friend's husband is a geologist and I often bring him my 'little treasures' to examine. I once found a prehistoric tool near our farm. I keep looking for more but I've never come across anymore.

Sometimes I take it out and sit and try to imagine who made that tool - What was their life like? How did it get near my farm? Questions that will never be answered but are interesting to think about. Sometimes my kids and I sit around and make up stories about that rock and the people who used it.

Thanks Lisa for posting that link!

1 comment:

  1. Owen and I have been getting into rocks, fossils and shells we have used the rock key to help us identify some of our rocks... I love rocks too.


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