Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Ibrahim has chicken pox! I suppose Jenna will get them next - the rest of us have already had them. Posted by Hello


  1. poor little guy! we have been through it twice (two kids at a time)

  2. Did you count how many that there are? How many of them are there?

    I hope you feel better!!! I have some chicken soup in honor of you.

    Kriten Martin

  3. Hope he gets better soon !

  4. Speaking of chicken pox, when I was a kid, I had chicken pox twice and I had mumps twice. You're only supposed to get them once, buy I had them twice. And I got the measles when I was in my fourties, over the Christmas holidays at my sister's place. Weird.

    So is Ibrahim scatching himself silly now?

  5. God, I can't spell!!

    buy = but

    fourty = forty

    I'm going to bed now.


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