The other day I was talking with a friend who has taken up knitting. She's on a mission to make some special things for her kids and grandchildren. Being left-handed I was never very good at knitting. I kept getting the wool all twisted around the needles in the wrong way. I was always much better at crocheting but gave that up when I started to have kids. There were simply too many little hands grabbing at everything while I worked.

While surfing the net today I came across an idea for a knitting project for my friend. As usually happens one click leads to another, and yet another and I found myself on an interesting blog of an avowed artist or artists of knit graffiti, OutdoorKnit. I'd never thought about such a thing before but I like the whimsy of it all. Now this is surely graffiti I would like to come across. From the looks of the tags they are in New Zealand so I doubt I will find any knit graffiti here.

It kind of reminds me of Monkeyshines in a way. But that's something that happens only once a year in Tacoma, Washington.

Life is supposed to be full of surprises - nice whimsical surprises.


  1. Ahh, don't be surprised if you do find something in your neck of the woods! We are not the first in the world and have been inspired by those such as http://www.knittaplease.com, http://maskerade.blogsome.com, and http://microfibermilitia.blogspot.com

    It's a world wide phenomenon!

    P.S. Wonky knitting is perfect for trees. They aren't fussy :)


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