The last of my Eid shopping was done today. I went out especially to buy a gift for my mother-in-law. I never know what to get her for an Eid gift. She really has everything and doesn't ask for much. After much contemplation I ended up getting her a bottle of perfume and a pair of earrings. I made sure the earrings where a style that only azoozas (old ladies) would want to wear so that my sister-in-laws wouldn't borrow them and conveniently forget to bring them back (that's happened in the past... sigh...).

I'm glad to be finished with the shopping I can relax and enjoy the rest of Ramadan. The past few days I've been visiting friends and relatives - without dragging any of my kids along. Nice!


  1. Dear Khadija

    I wish you and your family a wonderful Eid. Just take the advantage that you can relax for a day or two.. You work a lot and sometimes you need time to reflect on yourself and your family. I work a lot too and I do not know how to sit and do nothing...If have spare time I am reading or surfing the internet to see what is happening around... always on the go. Yet for a while maybe you can spend some time listening to your children or husband..... and see if they need your help or just your company...

    Your friend from Malta.


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