Getting through... half way over

Jenna and I spent almost the entire afternoon out hunting for a school uniform for her. We looked and looked. There are about four or five different styles to choose from... all of them ugly, with poor quality material and sewing. It was depressing. We came home with nothing.

We did notice that the Eid shoppers are starting to come out. Mostly women with their kids and their henpecked husbands... I always feel so sorry for those poor guys. They always look like they hate their lives. They stand there with inconsolable looks on their faces while their wives give them orders... lol... 

With all the funerals we've had in our family recently, Eid for us won't be very festive.  When Libyans have a death in their family the next Eid is spent sitting around crying. Eid will be like a funeral all over again. So we're not bothering with much in the way of new clothes this year. 

Ramadan is the season for beggars and pickpockets. Unfortunately, I seem to be a magnet for both. The other day when Jenna and I were out shopping we nearly had a repeat of the pickpocket experience we had before (I posted about it here). Jenna and I just looked at each other and both of us said at the same time 'It's just like before.' I held onto my purse and glared at the women.  It was so obvious the way they came bursting into the shop and charged straight over to where Jenna and I were and started pushing and shoving. As soon as they realised we were on to them they bustled off out the door, not bothering to look at anything else in the shop. 

Ramadan is lasting forever this year... I am ready for it to be over.


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