On with life

It's hard to believe that a week of Ramadan has passed already. I've been running non-stop. It seems the days are too short and the night is endless.

Aside from the cooking and cleaning and other things I have to do, I've been going to the funeral. The crying is over and the laughing, smiling, party atmosphere has begun.... sigh... I find it so disgusting. Why do women have to pack up their bags and spend the night at funerals when they only live minutes away? What important thing is going to happen in the middle of the night that they have to be there for? It's just turned into one big slumber party.

I never sleep at funerals. As a matter of fact I never sleep away from home unless I'm travelling or sick in hospital. I think it's more than enough to arrive at a funeral at a certain time and leave at a suitable hour as well.

I went to the funeral last night and decided that I'm done with this one... Nope, no way, na uh, I'm not going back. I've niether the interest or the time to waste sitting with a bunch of giggling, gaggling, gossips - the three G's! It's time to get on with my life.


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