Thursday, January 28, 2021

My Opinion Hasn't Changed

Phew! The last four years have been interesting to say the least, but I kind of predicted this in November of 2016 in my post titled: Not Enough Negative Adjectives or Expletives where I wrote: 

"I've always felt that the president should be someone you looked up to. Someone dignified. Someone, that if you invited them to your home, would be considered an honored guest. Is Trump that person? Not for me. I don't think I'd even want him out in my backyard with the dog."  

I still feel that way, maybe even more than before. The last four years have been such an embarrassing disappointment, culminating in an attempted coup, lives lost and probably much more to come if today's news reports come true. - this from the New York Times: Extremists Emboldened by Capitol Attack Pose Rising Threat, Homeland Security Says and from the Guardian: National terrorism bulletin suggests attack may embolden extremists and set the stage for additional attacks

Having lived in a country ruled by a dictator, gone through a revolution and suffered from the lasting effects of the war - even though the last few years I haven't been in Libya, my family, friends and heart and soul were there. Honestly, I can say that I don't think I will ever fully recover from all of that. The last few anxiety filled weeks have been frightening, triggering PTSD and nightmares (when I was finally able to fall asleep). 

What is next? There is a new president - one that I would definitely invite to my home as an honored guest. Not likely to happen of course. We will all watch and wait to see how things go. Meanwhile, I'll keep praying - for calm, for peace, for safety. 


  1. Absolutely agree!! So stressful, as if the pandemic wasn't enough! Yes, a President should be worthy of respect, Trump was not, and I'm fearful that we haven't seen the last of his cult followers, or his family, sadly.
    On a different note, I have followed your blog for many years, enjoyed it very much. This was the life I might have had if my husband had been tolerable, but, alas it wasn't to be! He just didn't want to live in Libya...he had more freedom here away from his family and their watchful eyes. So, as long as my marriage lasted, we stayed right here in Florida. At least I still have my sons, grown now and still here in Florida! I did visit Tripoli for 2 months... I loved it, especially Leptis Magna and Sabratha. I still correspond with my husbands family, they're nice and not like my husband. Thanks for giving us a view into your life and your family, and sharing your ups and downs. Sincerely, Diana

  2. @Diana Libya is definitely not for everyone. It would be nice to meet up for a cup of coffee and a chat.

    1. Oh my responded to me and I was too silly to check if you did! I'm so sorry! Thanks for your response, indeed yes it would be fun to have coffee and a chat!

  3. How wonderful Miss Teri, I am Rabie Al Khattabs son

    1. Hello Yousef, Thank you for visiting my blog. Give my best regards to your father and your family.


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