Friday, November 02, 2012

Who was that woman?

I had a car accident yesterday. No one was hurt, thank God, but the whole event just pissed me off. This is what happened:

I was on my way to pick up the kids from school which means it was high traffic time. The roads were really congested but cars were moving, albeit slowly. I made it round a round-about and onto the road and all of a sudden - BAM! There was a big crunching noise. 

Someone had hit my left rear bumper. Then the car swerved off the side of the road into a dirt road in an attempt to escape. But the dirt road ended in a dead end - trapped with nowhere to go. At this point I noticed that it was a female driving the car. She tried to back up and then went a bit forward, opened the door and got out of the car but the car kept going - she hadn't put the car in park! She managed to get in the car and stop it and then got back out. She took out her mobile and placed a call and then started walking quickly towards the road where I had parked.

I got out of my car and checked for damage. Luckily there was only a thick scratch. I turned to speak with the girl but she kept walking, ignoring me and trying to pretend that nothing at all had happened! She crossed the road and by this time I was shouting at her to stop running away. People in the road were watching so she finally gave in and turned around and came over to me. 

I asked her why she was trying to run away and she started shouting at me, "I had my blinker on and you hit me!"  I told her "Look sister, I was in front of you. You've hit me in the rear." "No! No! I had my blinker on - you hit me!" she insisted. I pointed at the scratch and asked "Sister, how could I possibly hit you with the rear of my car when we were both going forward? I didn't back into you you. And why were you trying to escape? When you are involved in an accident you are supposed to stop - it is required by law. What if I had been injured?" Of course she had no answer to that. So I continued "Thank God no one has been hurt and there is only minimal damage to my car." She wasn't at all worried about her own car - she had never even bothered to look at it when she had got out.

There was no point in wasting any more of my time on this girl. I extended my hand and she looked down at it and then reluctantly put her hand out to shake mine. "Asalamualaikum sister. Have a nice day" I told her. Then I got in my car and went on my way. 


  1. :( Allah bless you Miss Khadija there are many girls and boys like this girl !
    hamdelaallah salema

  2. I'm really impressed that you were both able to shake hands over it.

  3. I would probably have been sorely tempted to have a "fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe" tawanda moment, instead of the handshake. Fair play to you. Drivers like that just ANNOY me! My friends husband was crashed from behind - not his fault. The culprit pulled out a knife! *sigh* driving in Libya!!!


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