Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tick Tock Says the Clock!

I was so thrilled about the implementation of daylight savings time in Libya. Oh how wonderful to be heading out the door with the sun shining brightly overhead! But the whole concept of daylight savings time has been ruined.....

  • Nora came home from university and said the lectures had all been moved back an hour.... 
  • Ibrahim's school announced that they will start an hour earlier...
  • Upon arrival at Jenna's school we were told that she was an hour late - they have moved the start of the school day at her high school back an hour too...

Hmmm... you always hear the phrase 'the village idiot'. It's always singular, never plural.... except in Libya - it's definitively plural here.


  1. I had a good rant on my blog about this too. We were late for school too on Sunday. And no one turned up for dh''s lectures at uni or maybe they did but he was "late". *sighs*

  2. haha! this post really made me chuckle!



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